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Rail Records signs breakthrough artists. We support innovation and creativity. We are not genre specific and we work to push the boundaries of our artists. We believe in invention and legacy. We are defining the future of alternative pacific music one artist at a time.



NZ Label Manager: Joel C Thompson

20 Years in the music and film industries. There aren't many facets of music that Joel hasn't been actively involved in from Music TV producer to Studio manager and Tour Management. Joel is the general brand manager and specifically looks after operations in NZ.



AUS Label Manager: Ollie Wright.

Ollie Wright is one of New Zealand's finest production exports. After relocating to Melbourne in 2014, Ollie, quickly made a name for himself as a high calibre sound engineer and tour manager. Ollie currently owns and operates "Lanks Studio" in Melbourne. 



AnR: Chris Prenter

Chris founded Ramrod studios fifteen years ago and has consistently produced amazing results. Chris primarily focuses on working with our new artists to develop their sound and to bring out their unique flavours. 



Demo Submission:


We currently accept unsolicited demos. We are strict on our submission policies. If you can't follow these simple requests then there isn't much we can do for your career.



Are you ready for Submission?

Do you have a really exciting live show?

Do you have a dozen great songs?



Format: Streamable MP3 links (no physicals, no downloads)


Social Media: Only include your BEST social media link. 


Live: Please send a live footage link if you have it.


Please do not request us to help you release a record that you have already launched yourself online. You can submit this to show us your work but we can't release something you have already released to your fanbase. 


Please use a private link to your unreleased music if you are asking us to release unreleased content. 


If we like it, we will contact you. Don't send follow-up emails.


We listen to every song we get sent - usually within 24 hours.


Just because we don't respond, doesn't mean it's bad. It may not be suitable for our roster at the present time, so keep plugging and work hard. 



Demo Submission Address: 

Subject Line: DEMO SUB