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Kate Theresa was born and raised on the hard streets of Cape Town, South Africa, where she was forced at an early age to fend for herself. With violence and drugs apart of everyday life Kate escaped into an imaginary world of music and dressups she called “Droom Tyd”. It was in the dreamscape of Droom Tyd where Kate could become MONSHI.


When she was in her early Teens, Monshi moved to NZ and was transplanted from South African chaos to the boganism of Hamilton. Struggling to fit into this strange new world, Monshi spent the next decade being submerged in the underbelly of Hamilton’s dark -side.


It wasn’t until she realised that the life of violence and drugs her parents had brought her to NZ to escape, was what she was drowning in NZ, that she began to actively pursue her career as a DJ and Vocalist. Monshi made a pact with herself and dedicated her life to positive expression and light and love.


Monshi recently began work with underground producer XEN. The unlikely collaboration quickly bore the quirky, feel good single “STRANGE LOVE”.

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